Colocation, Connectivity, and Continuity...

GoRACK's newest data center at 421 W Church street is our most redundant colocation site yet. Our ultra-reliable N+1 hardend facility was inteded to keep servers and networks running strong and always connected.

Innovation in colocation

GoRACK offers secure colocation cabinet solutions for any organization. We can support any size company coupled with added à la carte features that are not offered by the competition. Our core mission is to offer enterprise colocation to all of our clients at unbeatable pricing.

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16 Megawatt plant of A+B power

All of our power systems are true isolated A+B feeds back to the utility provider(JEA). Each feed is compartmentalized and has its own scalable independent UPS and generator that can maintain a power uptime to 5 days.

Cold aisle containment efficiency and fire suppression

Our high density server rooms are equipped with the industries latest design in cold aisle retractable roof systems. A “dual head” 1+1 dry pipe system was installed to prevent the possibilities accidental water deployment within the server room.

35+ carriers and 2 sub-sea fiber cables to choose from

We offer fiber and copper internet ports optimized and non-optimized from as much as 100GIG to as little as 10Meg. 421 W Church is the most connected site between Atlanta and Miami. Our fiber rich location houses a total of 35+ carriers and 2 subsea fiber cables from South America

Micro-offices and DR suites

System failures and natural disasters are a constant concern, and the worst possible situation for any organization. Therefore, in this day and age having a backup location and disaster recovery plan for your servers is significantly important in the business world.

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Private Cage Space

Private cage space is a cost effective way for any organization to benefit from a secure data center environment without incurring all the additional costs involved in maintaining and operating your own.

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24/7/365 secure self badged access and man trap system

Don't wait to access your equipment. All door's at GoRACK are watched and designed to access only your equipment. Security cameras are always recording every movement.