Looking for an effective and productive way to jump start an online business,
or simply the ability to manage your web operations which require more control
over your operating system?

Dedicated servers are an unbeatable option. Often it is not practical to share a server when your site requires dedicated resources. With your own dedicated server your organization will benefit from additional data security, control, and higher data transfer rates. We offer custom built dedicated servers to fit all your needs as well as a reliable colocation environment to guarantee your servers uptime. Our dedicated servers are equipped with reliable hardware and are equipped with a direct high-speed connection to multiple internet providers.

Dedicated Servers

Your dedicated server will be securely colocated at our Enterprise Class Data Center and managed by our 24/7 technical support team with all the security and environmental necessities taken care of so that your equipment is always working at its best. We offer different flavors of Windows or Linux operating systems and licensing for management consoles such as WebMin, Plesk or CPanel. Our network utilize a number of tools to monitor and ensure that the server is up and running effectively and the technical support is always available.

*Our dedicated servers are based on available inventory.