Physical data security is the critical part of any data center facility. Our data center is accessible 24/7 and is secured by personel and security guards. All personnel, visitors, customers, and technicians must provide government identification for clearance procedures. Our data center is protected by five levels of physical security and access control policies.

  • Cooling Systems

    Network operations center

    The network is monitored for any anomalies that may cause severe outages.

  • Security Cameras

    Video Surveillance

    Video surveillance cameras are placed throughout the interior and exterior of the facility.

  • Access Control

    Access Control

    Access control systems prohibit unauthorized personnel from entering areas that are critical to data center operations.

  • Secure Colocation

    Equipment Access

    All equipment and network switching is secured from physical access within a locked cage or equipment rack.

  • Equipment Inspection

    Equipment Inspection

    All equipment entering and leaving the facility is inspected by a personnel.

  • Support Staff

    24/7 electronic key card access

    The facility is accessecable 24/7 by electronic key card.